Scottish Colonies in North America
Scottish Flag
Nova Scotia (in red), one of Scotland's former colonies
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When all of your neighbouring countries suddenly own a lot of land in a new part of the world and get rich because of it, you are going to want to participate. That is exactly what happened with Scotland during the discovery and division of the New World. Yes, you read that correctly, Scotland *also* attempted to gain control of a portion of the New World. Let’s take a look at that time when Scotland nearly had colonies.

1) What were the main reasons why Nova Scotia and East Jersey failed as Scottish colonies?
2) The Scottish had the idea of trading between the two oceans ages before the Panama canal was realised. Why did it fail for them, but work years later for others?
3) The bankrupcy of the Scottish government is one of the reasons why it is now part of the UK. Do you think it would have been possible for Scotland to remain independent if the Darien scheme hadn’t failed? Support your claims.